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The EURO Working Group on Stochastic Modelling was formed to serve as a platform for researchers in Europe who have an interest in stochastic modeling. It is concerned with the development and use of probabilistic models and theory for the evaluation, optimisation, and design of complex systems that involve random phenomena, e.g., production lines, supply chains, service centres, communications/energy/social networks, financial markets, etc.

The EURO WG on Stochastic Modelling was formed in 2006 and holds biennal meetings in various European locations. The members include researchers with a main or side interest in stochastic modelling, and backgrounds in applied probability, operational research, management science, business analytics, engineering, statistics, mathematics, economics, computer science, etc. Currently, we have 428 members and anyone interested in presenting their research, participating in the discussions, or learning about the topic of stochastic modelling may join the working group and its meetings. Membership is free, so join here.

The next meeting will take place on 10th to 20th of June 2020 at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. For more information and registration click here.


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